The Red Swingline

/ Tuesday, January 18, 2011 /

"A Swingline product was featured in the cult-classic film Office Space. One employee, Milton, constantly mistreated by his boss, has his favorite stapler, a red Swingline, taken away. At the time, Swingline had not manufactured red staplers for years (a prop department employee, named Ric Trzeciak, painted one using candy-apple red paint  according to the film's commentary). In 2002 they released a "limited edition" series as a result of customer interest. As of 2010 a "collectors edition" 747 stapler in "Rio Red" is still available, though a "Carmine Red" S7074711 stapler seems to have been discontinued.

Swingline was founded in 1925 in NYC by Jack Linsky as the Parrot Speed Fastener Company, and opened its first manufacturing facility in Long Island City in 1931. In 1939, the company changed its name to Speed Products, and in 1956, became Swingline. The factory name, Swingline, was a large iconic sign on top of the Queens building. In the late 1990s, Swingline shut down production in Long Island City, New York, and moved the production of premium staplers and staples to Mexico and began production of economy plastic staplers in China. As of 2009, the all-metal 747 Classic stapler was produced in China."

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